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Full Movie: Shiri

Shiri Trap

Sexy red head Shiri is from New England, but loves to travel around the world. She hopes that her next trip will be to Thailand. This is her first shoot for Strokers, and she is ready to go! Her pale, petite hands reach inside her dainty lace panties to pull out her soft, freshly shaved balls. You get up close and personal with these beauties, rubbing your face against them smelling them, kissing them gently. Next, she pinches her erect nipples and cups her all natural breasts while squeezing her pretty pink shaft. She's also got some cute painted toes to match her manicured fingers. She slowly unzips her open toed wedges, so that she can stretch out her flexible feet. After a long day at the porn awards, she could sure use a good foot massage. Won't you rub your palms along her smooth buttery legs all the way down to her taut tootsies? She needs someone to work out all the kinks, and you seem like an eager candidate! You might also like to explore her other assets, a nice big rump! She bends over and shakes her booty, even snapping her thong string against her ass. On the couch, face down and ass up, she spreads her cheeks wide. Her pink, little hole is ready for your tongue. As her balls hang down between her legs, you trace your mouth along each crease and crevice. Shiri likes to share the love, and now she wants to give you a blowjob. Do you like it when she teases just the tip? You cum all over bright red lips, and then she lies back and finishes her show and tell. She strokes her swollen shaft vigorously until her entire body convulses in a sweet and messy orgasm. Of course, Shiri takes a taste of her girl spunk. Bon appetite and bon voyage!

Released:Nov 27, 2020
Director:Sammy Mancini
Length:36 min

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