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Update: Nov 19, 2018

Jessica Fox

Hi, I'm Jessica Fox. I'm a very kinky girl. Not only am I ultra kinky, I have such a killer combo of t and a, a pretty face and packing a rock hard 7 incher. You are going to want to get close, because when I'm with you, I'm a very bad girl and I'll do anything to please you. I am talking about anything! I am a submissive freak! So lets let our freak flags fly! I'll even be your maid and dust your cock clean for you with my feather duster attached to my delicate face. Don't believe I'm kinky? Watch me cum a thick white load, then lap it all up for you. Then you can come and I will happily lap that up too!

Update: Nov 16, 2018

Yasmin Dornelles

Nubile Brazilian beauty Yasmin Dornelles looks sexy in her braces and black lingerie. She licks her huge breasts before sucking on her large, glass dildo. Once it's nice and lubed up, she rubs it between her juicy cheeks. Her hungry asshole flexes to bring the toy in even deeper. She strokes her humongous, uncut dick as you kneel below her. Suck her off as she plays with her beautiful, long black hair. Watch her lie back and stroke her big cock until she erupts in a huge, messy cum shot!

Update: Nov 14, 2018

Kristen Kraves

Hot trans MILF Kristen Kraves has brought you back home after your romantic date. You both like each other a lot, but she has something to tell you. She's trans! Or, did you already know? Before you have a chance to answer, she strips off her bra, and shows off her fantastic breasts. She convinces you to slobber all over her tits before working your way down to her cute girl dick. Eat her asshole while she grabs you by the back of the head. Fuck her doggystyle until you turn her around and jizz all over her boobs. Then, watch her squeeze out a super wet and messy orgasm for you to lick up.

Update: Nov 12, 2018


Hi, I'm Lora a stunning blonde Russian trans girl. I'm a tall and leggy and very girly. I love wearing stockings and heels, to pose for my man and getting him hot and horny so I can suck his cock. Would you like to be my man? You would certainly be the envy of a lot of guys. Are you ready to take a peak at my pretty lingerie yet, cum on in because I am ready to explode.

Update: Nov 09, 2018

Janelle Fennec

Gorgeous blonde Janelle Fennec is a powerful CEO who won't take "no" for an answer. She invites you, the janitor, into to sweep the floor around her porcelain throne while she is relieving herself, only to pull down your pants and suck your huge dick. Then she makes you clean her feet with your tongue and work your way up to her asshole, little lady balls, and delicious cock. The dominant diva needs to be punished, so you spank her hard her juicy ass with a flogger. You straddle her round breasts and shoot a huge load of cum all over her rosy cheeks. She kisses the cum off the tip of your monster cock before she rides a purple dildo and squeezes out a little puddle of girl juice to eat.

Update: Nov 07, 2018

Caroline Martins

Brazilian brunette Caroline Martins is drop dead gorgeous and feeling very horny. Watch her strip out of her sexy, black lingerie. She licks her fingers and massages her delicious breasts. She spreads her juicy ass cheeks apart and inserts a manicured finger. But, she needs something bigger. A clear, glass dildo. She fucks herself with the fun toy and grabs her uncut girl cock. She strokes her fat dick until she squeezes out a thick and frothy load of goo.

Update: Nov 05, 2018


Hi, my name is Destiny and I'm here to make sure you have a great time. I'm an 18 year old T-Girl from Washington who loves to server. I am a superb sub who loves to be dominated. I love to be grabbed by the hair and fucked hard in the ass. I'm eager to do anything that you desire. Do you want me on my knees? Do you want to cum on my face? I'm such a naughty girl, maybe you should spank me? Lead me around the room on my leash, I'm your little slave slut. Now watch me strip for you so that I can play with my hard cock. I'm going to stroke this until I make a nice, sweet mess all over myself.

Update: Nov 02, 2018

Shiri Allwood

Porn superstar Shiri poses in her teeny tiny bathing suit while looking out her hotel room's huge window. Her bikini strings barely cover her cute nipples, and her cute trans girl package pokes through the mesh material. She totally gets off on the idea of being watched. She rubs her girl boner while playing with her all natural hormone titties. Then, she works her way down to her tight trans girl pussy hole. She fingers herself so well that she can't help but wiggle her pretty toes. The horny redhead milks her girl cock and balls until she squeezes out a sticky mess.

Update: Oct 31, 2018

Lisa Lovely

Curvy trans Latina Lisa Lovely can't wait to tell you about all the hot hook-ups she's had while on vacation in Los Angeles. She's already blown a couple of Uber drivers, and maybe you'll get lucky too! Speaking of sucking, why don't you cum a little closer and suckle her big, juicy tits. Watch her slip off her sexy stockings and massage her little piggies. Then, she whips out her yummy love stick for you to swallow. She pulls your head in closer to her crotch, and you gag on her delicious lady cock. Eat her thick ass out, and slide your swollen dick inside her tight trans girl pussy. Finally, watch her squeeze out a creamy, milky mess all over herself and eat it up!

Update: Oct 29, 2018


Hey fans, it's Jezebel Yum. This time I'm blond, but always busty and always beautiful. This was shot on a hot 4th of July in Seattle and I was celebrating with my hard 8 inch girl cock. Do you want to see fireworks? Just wait until this thing goes off. Let's see if I can write my name with my tasty, hot cum.

Update: Oct 26, 2018

Ryder Monroe

Dressed up in her sexy cheerleader uniform, trans girl hottie Ryder Monroe can't help but check herself out in the mirror. Now that you've got her all to yourself, what do you want to do to her? She slips down her sexy top and squeezes her all natural trans girl titties until milk cums out. Then, the tattooed princess strips for you seductively and invites you to lick her hole. You'd love to taste her from head to toe. Lucky for you, she sits down on your face and bounces up and down. Then, she lets you spank her juicy ass with a flogger before you reward your bad girl with your big, fat dick. She gags on your shaft with pleasure until you shoot your seed deep down the back of her throat. Then, she busts her nut for you all over manicured hand.

Update: Oct 24, 2018

Alice Marques

Brand new Brazilian trans girl model Alice Marques has long legs and a beautiful face. Watch her massage her all natural tits as she exposes her sexy tan lines. The tiny sex kitten pulls down her little bikini bottoms and starts teasing her ass pussy with a wet finger. Then, she sucks on a purple dildo to get it nice and lubricated for her tight trans girl pussy. She fucks herself while tugging on her thick lady cock. Her love stick grows and grows as she rides the toy cock. The little cutie pumps her humongous girl dick in the jacuzzi until she shoots jizz all over her bikini line.

Update: Oct 22, 2018

Amy Daly

Beautiful and fun Amy Daly is looking to hire a new personal assistant because her last one couldn't hack it. Her personal assistant includes a lot of sexy grunt work. Do you think you have what it takes to satisfy her? If you show her your credentials and they are impeccable, she will show you the impeccable and impressive hard Lady Cock that she has under her teeny skirt. Amy is a dom and wonders if you are a gonna be good little sub bitch and get your mouth between her lush thighs. Can you handle that? Watch her cock get harder and harder until she makes it cum all over her beautiful body.

Update: Oct 19, 2018

Chelsea Marie

Tattooed honey Chelse Marie is waiting for you to cum up to her hotel room. You're a first timer, and she's already horny thinking about taking your "virginity." Once you arrive, she demands that you get on your knees and suck her huge girl cock. You weren't gonna flake were you? She takes off her sexy paints so you can lick her balls. Now, crawl to the couch behind her, so you can eat her ass. Suck on her toes and worship her feet too. As you chock on her girl dick, she records you on her phone to blackmail you! You cum all over a plate and she you to eat it! Then, she cums all over your cum and makes you eat it too!!!

Update: Oct 17, 2018

Lily Demure

Incredibly gorgeous Lilly Demure is a Midwestern girl with long legs and curly hair. She loves a partner who is dominant, but gentle. Someone who is not afraid to take risks and push the envelope sexually. As she talks, her sexy nipples poke through her red lingerie top, so she starts pinching them. She seductively unrolls her thigh high stockings so you can get to work massaging her feet. Your fantastic 'foot work' gets Lilly all excited, and you can see her beautiful girl dick start to grow. Won't you give her a kiss, right on the tip? Lick her soft balls and eat her perfect trans girl pussy. Now, get behind her and fuck her balls deep. Cum all over her juicy ass cheeks, then watch her squeeze out a sticky mess for you to lick up.

Update: Oct 15, 2018


Hi my name is Eden, I'm a pretty and natural NorthWest T-Girl and this was my very first video. I am tall and slim with a beautiful body and a beautiful and big she cock to match. I am fun and I'm a horny self proclaimed SLUT who loves to get fucked in the ass and have a good time. So let's have a good time together. Come watch me get hard as I finger my ass and dream of you licking my balls. It's going to feel so good when I cum. I love to blow my she cum in front of you. it just makes me cum harder. Get ready because I need to know if I should lick it up or are you going to?

Update: Oct 12, 2018

Kendall Penny

Sexy Southern starlet Kendall Penny is interviewing you to be her personal assistant. Think you have what it takes to fill her position? Begin by massaging her feet under her desk, then begin kissing the heel of her shoe. Work your way up to her delicious girl dick and suck it. She squeezes your balls for you to lick, the same balls she's gonna drain all over your face. Can you handle her big workload? Bossy babe Kendall strokes her fat love stick until she shoots a mega-load of creamy girl spunk all over her glass desk. If you can clean up her giant, sticky mess with your mouth, the job is yours!

Update: Oct 10, 2018

Carla Novaes

Blonde Brazilian babe Carla Novaes looks stunning in her gold bikini. After a day of basking in the sun, she's ready to play in bed with you! She sensually rubs and teases her body. She begins to strip for you, exposing her big breasts and sexy tan lines. Her manicured fingers wander down to her curvy butt and trans girl pussy. Her humongous cock gets hard from all her ass play, and she strokes her huge knob. Her shiny pink tip makes you drool, as she spits out her own monster load of white and creamy goo!

Update: Oct 08, 2018

Astrid Shay

Beautiful blonde Astrid shows up for a sexy photo shoot but when she tries on the revealing outfit that is given her, she reveals her sexy extra stuff. The photographer goes wild for her beautiful body and rock hard girl stick. He talks her into showing more of herself and letting loose. She is always horny so she jumps at the chance to show off and get off for the photographer and for you of course. Watch her beautiful secret she cock get hard in her hands as she rubs, strokes and teases it. Is your cock getting hard too? Let Astrid get on her knees and take you in her mouth. Then let her spread her ass for you so that you can fuck her. Want to see her cum? Of course you do, so watch her milk every drop from her hot cock.

Update: Oct 05, 2018

Aspen Brooks

Dream girl Aspen Brooks is sending her boyfriend videos of her gorgeous face, breasts, and big girl balls and cock. What a lucky guy! All of a sudden, you show up to fondle her breasts for a few minutes... for the right price! Just when the action is getting good, she kicks you out so she can meet up with another guy! He wants to lick her trans girl pussy. So he gives the trans girl Goddess a donation, and dives into her pink and fleshy fun hole with his mouth. Finally, another gentleman arrives. He wants to suck her cock and eat her load. So, Aspen strokes her throbbing love stick until she shoots her big load all over a plate for the lucky stud to lick up.

Update: Oct 03, 2018

Kami Kartel

You just got back from a beach date with blonde beauty Kami Kartel. She looks stunning in her hot pink bikini, but even better out of it! Watch her play with her all natural, hormone titties--her manicured fingers pinch her cute nipples just right. Then, she spreads her sexy legs and invites you to eat out her trans girl pussy. Her sweet ass hole is just an appetizer for the main course: her pink and hard girl dick. Drop to your knees and choke on her pretty love stick, and she just might let you creampie her insides. Then, lie down on the ground below her while she stokes out a huge load of creamy girl jizz all over your face.

Update: Oct 01, 2018

Hera C

Hi, I'm Hera C. I am that elusive combination of sultry and pretty. My red hair smolders and my smooth creamy skin will drive you wild. My dirty little secrets will drive you wild too. I am always horny and love to please. Would you like me talk dirty while I touch myself? Well good, because that is what I am here for! Cum in!

Update: Sep 28, 2018

Casey Kisses

Your hands shake as you snap photos of trans superstar Casey Kisses during your very own photo shoot. The tattooed babe looks stunning in her bikini, her skin perfectly sun kissed. She licks on her puckering nipples and squeezes her perfect breasts. Cum closer and kiss her trans girl pussy. Her delicious asshole squeezes so tight that she practically pulls you inside by your tongue. You spank her gorgeous ass, and then she rewards you with a blow job. She wraps her beautiful lips around your swollen member. You stroke your uncut cock against her panting mouth until you blow your load on her tongue and down her chin. She's so turned on that she jerks her massive trans girl cock until she squeezes out her own sticky orgasm.

Update: Sep 26, 2018

Cherry Mavrik

You catch northwestern hottie Cherry Mavrik hopping into the shower after a long, hot day. But you'd rather give her a bath with your tongue! Your eagerness makes her girl cock get really hard. Let her feed it to you. You lick her big lady dick from balls to tip, and then she flips over so you can worship her ass. She's been a bad girl, and you need to punish her with a spanking. Now she's really turned on and wants to suck your dick. You feed her your huge cock while she strokes her own. Cherry shoots a big load all over her breasts and stomach, and then you cum in her mouth and she drools it all out.

Update: Sep 24, 2018

Juliette Stray

Hi, I'm Juliette Stray. I am stunning and curvy redhead. I've got huge beautiful boobs, with a beautiful face peppered with cute freckles. By day, I look like a school teacher or librarian, but at night, I become more kinky than you could ever imagine. I absolutely relish doing the nastiest dirtiest things possible. Sometimes, I can't wait for the night time and get super slutty during the day. If you ever see me walking down the streets of San Francisco, I am probably hiding a huge dildo in my ass and flashing a dazzling and dirty smile! In the meantime, watch me here. Every inch of my body is on display and I am ready to spill my love juice all over.

Update: Sep 21, 2018

Scarlett Lee

You're hot-as-fuck assistant Scarlett Lee messed up an assignment, so it's time for you to teach her a lesson. First, you make the squirmy brunette strip completely naked for you and touch herself beneath her panties. As she squeezes her secret love stick, she moans and whimpers. She can't help but give into the incredible sensations vibrating through her entire body. You reward your obedient girl by licking and tickling her gorgeous feet. Overcome with lust, she can't help but start stroking her pretty girl dick, all the while bound up in a leather sling and cuffs. After you punish her juicy ass with a paddle against a wall, she squeezes out a loud and powerful orgasm. You send your throbbing and sticky secretary right back to work.

Update: Sep 19, 2018


Sit back and let Brazilian bombshell Bellatrix seduce you. She begins by pulling her black panties to the side and fingers her tight ass hole. Then, she removes them completely and rubs her hard, pink girl cock. But that's just a warm up for the huge black dildo she is about to devour with her mouth. Now that it's nice and wet, she takes its enormous tip into her hungry trans girl pussy. She plays with her lady dick while riding the big monster cock. At last, she fingers herself and strokes her love stick until she shoots out a white and creamy glob of goo.

Update: Sep 17, 2018


Hi, I'm Jolie from Brooklyn. I am cute as a button, but very sexy. Don't let my sweet smile fool you, I might look like the pretty girl next door, but I am a true exhibitionist. I love the camera so I can't wait to strip for you. Let me show you my sexy body while you think up all the things you want to do to me. My perky butt and perfect round tits are here just for you. I love oral, especially 69, so get your cock out and get ready. Watch me pump my thick t-girl clit until I cum.

Update: Sep 14, 2018

Simone Alyssa

Freckled brunette Simone Alyssa wants you to give her a foot massage. She rubs her freshly pedicured feet together while you suck on her toes. Your tongue feels so good that she can't help but start stroking. Her cock gets hard, and you want to put your mouth on it. After you suck her love stick, she stands against the wall so you can spank her. You flog her while she touches herself like a bad girl. Then, you reward her by letting her suck your cock. Her lipstick rubs off on you, and you bust all over her face. Then, she squeezes out a sticky surprise for you to lick up.

Update: Sep 12, 2018

Allysa Etain

Gorgeous and statuesque Allysa Etain loves rough sex. This sultry submissive loves taking dick however her partner wants to give it to her. You start out by giving your Mistress' red hot high heels a tongue bath. Then, you work your way up to her huge and the sexy girl cock poking out of her panties. Watch her strip out of her tantalizing leopard print lingerie and netted stockings so you can get a closer look. She encourages you to suck on her all natural titties and her mouth watering lady dick. Then, kneel before her and let her fuck your mouth. Work your tongue all the way down to her tight asshole. Next, fuck her trans girl pussy from behind until you shower her insides with your offering of sticky cum. Finally, let her reward you by stroking her long clit until she squeezes out a delicious mess for you to lick up.

Update: Sep 10, 2018


Hi, my name is Anness. I'm a tall and lithe T-Gir from Texas living in New York City. I love to get my kink on. I am very dominant, but sensual and intense. You will not want to take take your eyes off my beautiful body, because I love to perform and can't wait to put on a show for you. But if you don't do what I say you might get a sexy punishment. Maybe that is exactly what you want you dirty little man! Now get on your knees, slave. Crawl to me so you can get a very up close and personal angle. I am about to strip stroke and splooge all over and if your lucky I will order you to lick it up all up.

Update: Sep 07, 2018

Danika Dreamz

Sexy Canadian trans girl Danika Dreamz is trying to catch her boss's attention on Casual Friday by wearing a completely see-through, plastic dress. When he "catches" Danika in her inappropriate outfit, he is pleased to learn that she's hiding a delicious love stick between her legs. First, she lies back on the lounge chair and spreads her ass cheeks wide for him to eat her delicious, pink hole. Then, she invites him to watch her play a purple butt plug. With it tight inside her trans girl pussy, she spanks herself and rubs her huge clit. After lots of heavy petting and teasing, Danika's dream cock explodes with creamy, white goo all over her glass desks, and she snowballs the cum all over her hard nipples.

Update: Sep 05, 2018

Cibelly Morena

Bronzed beauty Cibelly Morena is a gorgeous Brazilian girl packing some serious heat. She dances and teases you with her big booty before inviting you into bed. There, she strips out of her sexy lingerie and rubs on her tiny panties. When she whips out her humongous mahogany love stick, you can barely believe your eyes. You'd love to lick her from her big pink tip all the way down to her tight trans girl pussy. She strokes her thick shaft while riding on a veiny dildo until she erupts in a slow, creamy load of girl spunk.

Update: Sep 03, 2018


Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am a sexy and spicy Latina from Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico. I am stunning with a gorgeous body, a pretty face and a very hard and very huge trans cock. I am going to get to the point and just say, I'd love to get on my knees and suck your cock. As you can see, I'm a cum-hungry slut who loves to eat sperm for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Watch me play with my big fuck stick until I cum all over myself. Want to lick it off me?

Update: Aug 31, 2018

Jessy Bells

You first notice the stunningly beautiful brunette Jessy Bells relaxing in a bikini out by the pool. She follows you up to your hotel room, and she shows you just how flexible she is. She wraps her legs around her shoulders and flashes you her gorgeous cock and booty hole. Her cute little feet fly up in the air, and you'd love to put them in your mouth. Then, she pulls down her top and squeezes her tiny titties. Turns out, she's been a bad girl and needs you to spank her while she blows you. You cum all over her face, making her even hornier. So, she lies back and shoots out a huge load of white and creamy girl goo.

Update: Aug 29, 2018

Klintelle Moore

You're back from your beach date with dreamy trans girl next door Klintelle Moore, and she has something to tell you. She has a cute and sexy girl dick that leaks girl cum. She shows you where her cock is most sensitive, right under the tip. Taste it with the tip of your tongue while you look into her beautiful eyes. Then work your way down to her delicious trans girl pussy. She pulls you in deeper with her sexy, soft feet. Then she pokes her thick ass back at you so you can slip it in. She can feel you throbbing inside her, but begs you to pull out and cum all over her ass cheeks. But you're not finished with her yet. You punish her with a spanking against the mirror. You both get such a rush from her lashing that you want to suck her girl cock. Finally, she uses the wand massager until her eyes roll back in her head and she squeezes out a creamy girl orgasm.

Update: Aug 27, 2018


Hi, my name is Abby. I am a gorgeous Filipino Femme with big round tan titties and a rock hard cock that needs to cum. I am so pretty you won't know whether to watch my beautiful face or my sweet throbbing trans stick. I am so excited to stroke it until my big lady balls drain of their hot, white Lady Boy Joy Juice.

Update: Aug 24, 2018

Monica Raven

Hot Latina trans girl Monica Raven is excited to get down and dirty with you. To prove it, she shows you how she's already wet with precum. She rubs the moisture into her lovely cock head, then strips for you on the bed. She has nice, natural titties, but she wants you to lick her asshole first! Her little balls rub against your forehead as you dive nose deep in her crack. Next, she fucks herself with a vibrating dildo. She is so tight, but she's stretching herself out for you. To reward your sweet little pet, you spank her with a flogger. Then you suck off Monica's rock hard trans girl cock until she spits out a sticky, drooly mess for you to eat.

Update: Aug 22, 2018

Renata Farias

Brazilian trans girl Renata Farias has some incredible curves you'd like to get your hands all over. She looks stunning in her black lingerie set, thigh high stockings and leather boots. She spanks her juicy ass cheeks, as if to invite you inside. Her breasts are big and round, and her tiny nipples are perfect and poking out. Not to mention, she's got a huge love stick hiding in her tiny black thong. She strokes her shaft while her big balls bounce against her hand. Then, she pulls out a larger than life orange dildo. Your jaw drops as she manages to stuff her tiny ass pussy with it. At last, she works her gigantic girl dick until she explodes in cum all over her pierced belly button.

Update: Aug 20, 2018


Hello, my name is Brooke and this is my first shoot for Transational Fantasies. It's a pleasure to pleasure myself for you. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will. First let me show you my beautiful body. I have silly long hair, a pretty face and a perfect pair of trans tits. Do you like what you see? Watch me play with my beautiful breasts and tight asshole as my yummy trans cock super hard. Now it's time to stroke until I make a warm, dripping mess all over my hands. Oooh, it feels so good. I love it and I think you will too.

Update: Aug 17, 2018

Britney Markham

After a two-and-a-half year break, transgirl bombshell Britney Markham is back in the adult industry! Did you miss her? Her cock is still big and powerful as she it down the back of your throat. Then, she raises her huge, voluptuous ass in the air and shakes it while begging you to eat her out. You love her thick party as she plays with her massive titties. She rubs saliva on the tip of her girl dick, then spreads her ass wide open for you to fuck her. She shoots a huge load of lady goo into her mouth and all over her tits and chin.

Update: Aug 15, 2018

Caroline Martins

Brazilian beauty Caroline Martins might be petite, but her all natural trans girl breasts are full of milk for you to drink. Suck on her tiny nipples while she squeezes them and feeds you. Then, watch her pull her lacy panties to the side and fingers her tight asshole. She also rubs her delicately manicured feet together and sucks on her toes. All the while, she is tugging on her gorgeous, pink girl dick. She's got a fat mushroom tip that you'd love to wrap your lips around. She must have the same idea, because she pulls out a HUGE dildo to suck on too. She wets it with her hungry mouth before spanking and stuffing herself with it. She rides its tremendous girth until she strokes out a gushy mess of creamy trans girl goo.

Update: Aug 13, 2018

La Sexy

Hello, my name is La Sexy, a sensual T-Girl from Puerto Rico. I have big 36 DD tits and an incredibly talented mouth that can easily take all the cock you can give me. Watch me passionately play with myself for you. I'm going to get my cock nice and hard while I fondle my these beautiful tits. Then I'm going to stroke and squeeze my cock until every drop of cum is out. Are you ready for it?

Update: Aug 10, 2018

Kendall Penny

Are you hungry for a girl with Southern charm and huge sex appeal? Then, look no farther than the sizzling brand new trans girl on the block, Kendall Penny. She gets off on making men submit to her femininity. Do have what it takes to please her? Her gorgeous girl cock is swelling and poking out the side of her teal panties. If you are a good boy, she might reward your quivering man hole with a nice poke. She slips out of her wedge heels so you can worship her Goddess feet. Do want a taste? Or better yet, why doesn't she just sit on your face so you can lick her ass and cock at the same time. You please your Queen so much that she shoots a huge load of sticky white cum all over her beautiful breasts and stomach. Yummy!

Update: Aug 08, 2018

Jean Jezebel

Sexy redhead Jean Jezebel made too many mistakes on her report at work, and now it's up to you, the boss, to punish her. She pulls down her tiny panties and spreads her legs wide so you can spank her with a flogger and a paddle until her cheeks turn bright red. Next, you make her strip for you, get on her knees and suck your dick to keep her job. She almost chokes on your fat dick as her mouth works it ways up and down on your shaft. Then, you demand a taste of her girl cock for yourself. You get off on bowing below her for a moment, but then you straddle her chest and fuck her face until you come all over her pretty, freckled face. It's so hot that Jean cums too. You send her back to work with your jizz all over her cheeks.

Update: Aug 06, 2018

Jasmine Jewels

Hello, Jasmine Jewels here again. Remember me and my hot body and sultry voice? I want you to take me back to my place so that we can have some fun together. I've got a really special treat for you this time. MILK! That's right guys, lots of milk squirting out of my luscious trans titties for you to savor. Get ready to start sucking, because you have a lot of work to. I've got so much milk for you, but when my big breasts run dry, don't worry, my big thick cock has a lot of thick white cream to quench your insatiable thirst for trans erotic cream. Cum and Get IT!

Update: Aug 03, 2018

Ryder Monroe

Brunette beauty Ryder Monroe looks lovely in her favorite color, lavender. She hikes up her sequined skirt and squeezes her delectable ass cheeks for you. Then, she turns around and teases you by pulling on the crotch of her thong. She unfastens her lace bra and massages her all natural trans girl tits. Her feet look divine too. Wouldn't you love to gobble them up? Or, are you thirsty for some organic lady milk? As Ryder pinches her perfect nipples, a delicious, white liquid emerges. She licks it off her fingers, and then wraps them around her cute girl dick. Do you want to lick her hole? Cuz she wants to sit on your face and smother you with her ass. As you fuck her with your tongue, you can see goose bumps forming on her butt cheeks. Now, with her face down and ass up, fuck her deep and hard with your pulsating cock. Finally, its time for her to fuck your mouth with her lady cock. Don't worry, though, she'll suck yours too! And after she milks a huge load of jizz out of your balls, she lies back and squeezes out a sticky treat for you to lick up.

Update: Aug 01, 2018

Pati Cameron

Brazilian hottie Pati Cameron starts out by sliding her tiny black thong to the side and fingering her trans girl pussy. Then, she whips out her swollen uncut lady cock to play with too. She pokes and strokes her beautiful body on the side of the pool. You wish you could suck her incredible titties as she brings herself closer to orgasm. Her high heeled and pedicured feet also look good enough to eat. But Pati needs more stimulation first--a huge dildo! She fucks her tight hole and tugs her girl dick right about your hungry face. At last, she pushes herself over the edge and explodes with a juicy cumshot all over her stomach.

Update: Jul 30, 2018


Hi my name is Violet. I am beautiful and stylish trans vixen here to please. I love a sexually generous partner. I want to please and I want a guy to please me. Can you handle sucking me off and performing some hot and sloppy rimming before you push your rock hard cock up my ass? Come over and get ready to have the time of your life. Don't be shy. Watch me prance around in my sophisticated lingerie before you can't handle waiting to touch my soft, sexy skin. Once you touch my natural soft trans titties you are going to want to go all the way down to my sweet thick hard cock. Tell me whether you want me to cum first or if you want to cum together, because I need to know where to unleash my yummy cum. Ready?

Update: Jul 27, 2018

Jelena Vermilion

You wake up youring beauty Jelena Vermilion and begin sucking on her milky white feet. When you lick between her toes, she gets hard. She can see you are throbbing through your boxers too. She slips off her sexy lingerie and begs you to suck her girl cock and lick her ass pussy. Watch her fuck herself with a big purple dildo. It's good, but not as good as your dick. She gives you a messy blowjob and lets you cum all over her face. Then, she squeezes out a hot and sticky orgasm all over her foot.

Update: Jul 25, 2018

Brooke Zanell

Transational Fantasies' 2018 Model of the Year Brooke Zanell is all dressed up for her boss Mr. Smith's 25th wedding anniversary party. But he shows up early to have a little naughty fun with her--his mistress - first. She takes off her panties and lets him suck on her yummy girl cock. Then his tongue works its way down to her ass crack and trans girl pussy. Brooke's asshole squeezes with every lick, almost pulling him inside. She sucks him off and massages his balls until he explodes all over her pretty face. Then he watches her stroke her fat girl dick until she cums all over her leg. Mr. Smith licks it all up like a good boy!

Update: Jul 23, 2018

Aly Sinclair

Hi, I am Aly, a sassy and hot new trans girl from Philly. My sweet thick 7 inch cock is better than any cheesesteak sandwich you'll ever eat! I love to play with my long waist length hair, caress my perky C cup breasts. Do you like them? They are on the smaller side but still spectacular. Shall I stroke that hot cock for you? Now watch me bend over and stick my new big butt plug up my sweet trans hole. It is so big it might hurt a bit going in that tight hot hole. But you know what they say about it hurts so good! But doesn't it look good sticking out of my ass as I crawl around the floor on all fours. I am going to work so hard on getting off that when I do I am going to be so hungry! Today my shoot snack is a bowl of berries. I do like my berries with cream so watch me shoot my white hot cum all over the berries, then eat every last one of the cum drizzled fruit. So tasty! Did you want a bite?

Update: Jul 20, 2018

Kayleigh Coxx

If you're going to wake up theing Goddess Kayleigh Coxx from a nap, you better be ready to worship her sexy toes with your mouth. Next, slip her panties down and lick her trans girl pussy clean with your tongue. Once it's nice and wet, she rolls over so you can fuck her from behind. She begs you to cum inside her, and when you pull out, you leave behind a sticky, wet creampie. The jizz drips down her balls and she massages it into her lady cock. At the same time you spank her perfect ass with a leather paddle. After she sucks you off on her knees and lets you cum all over her freckled face, you return the favor until she squeezes out a drippy orgasm all over your lips.

Update: Jul 18, 2018

Bianca Hills

Brazilian starlet Bianca Hills is gushing with excitement to see you. She immediately strips out of a sexy, black lingerie and starts sensually rubbing her gorgeous body. She can't believe how horny she is! After teasing you by hiding her love stick between her legs, she lets her humongous girl dick spring forward. Its so big and hard she can practically smack her cock head against her pierced belly button. She's already dripping precum, and you haven't even gotten it wet with your mouth yet. But first, watch Bianca take a dip in a bubbly jacuzzi and bathes her soft, tan skin. Sit back and relax (or stroke!) while she edges her enormous cock and shoots out a nice glob of girl goo all over her bikini tan line. Expert.

Update: Jul 16, 2018

Morgan Bailey

Hi, I'm Morgan Bailey. I'm a Chicago girl, now living in Los Angeles and this is my first video for Strokers. I love being spanked, both on my tight and toned ass and on my hard, delicious pierced nipples. Want to see my Fun Fuck Stick? Watch me jerk off until I make a sexy mess across my stomach. Mmmm... that tastes good and I want you to know I love to share.

Update: Jul 13, 2018

Janelle Fennec

When you cum into your hotel room, you notice a tall, blonde beauty, Janelle Fennec, in the shower. Looks like you've been double booked! But you don't mind sharing a bed with this sex bunny. She rubs her gorgeous breasts and pinches her pierced nipples, which makes her get hard. She starts jerking her love stick and tasting her precum. She squeezes her balls, which hurts but turns her on even more. Moaning sweetly, she spreads her feet and wiggles her toes with pleasure. Next, she fucks her trans girl pussy deeply with a big, blue dildo, and then switches to a vibrator. She strokes herself with the toy still sending waves of ecstasy through her entire body until she pushes out a nice wet stream of lady juice.

Update: Jul 11, 2018

Skylar Adams

Alternative trans girl hottie Skylar Adams loves hanging out at the beach in a bikini when she's in her hometown of Seattle. She loves anything kinky, especially when she is being overpowered by a huge cock... or five! She often fantasizes about being gang banged, spit roasted, and double penetrated. You start out by sucking Skylar's delicious toes while she begins stroking. Work your way up her milky white thighs to her trans girl pussy and get to licking. Now that's she nice and wet, won't you get behind her and fuck her doggystyle? Or, would you prefer to drop to your knees and worship her delicious girl cock? She'll take really good care of your dick too. She gives you a nice messy blow job shoot your load into her hungry mouth, then she squeezes out a thick, creamy load of trans girl goo for you to eat.

Update: Jul 09, 2018

Veronica Venom

Hey there, I am Veronica Venom. I am an outrageous hot blond punk chic with a killer round butt and a huge she cock. My yummy cock has been waiting to do this again for you, so let me whip this sassy, thick snake out and start the show. Watch me pump it hard while I finger my ass. Get up nice and close so my balls are in your face. Then watch as my throbbing red snake spits hot white cum. You can even suck out the venom it if you dare!

Update: Jul 06, 2018

Scarlett Lee

You just had the best date ever with sweet and sexy Scarlett Lee, and you can't get her off your mind. Over the phone she invites you over to hang out again, but she's got something to tell you person. Well, even better, to show you. A cute, twitching girl dick for you to devour. She hikes up her dress so you can lick her trans girl pussy. Don't be shy. Crawl over to her. Stick your tongue out. Bury your nose deep in her ass crack. Deeper! Now, watch the goose bumps appear on her cheeks as she moans. Next, she invites you to worship her gorgeous feet. Suck on each of her toes while she wiggles them in your mouth. Then, get behind her and fuck that round booty doggystyle. You drive her absolutely wild. She rewards you with some sloppy head until you blow your load all over her pink lips and cheeks. Lastly, she lies back and strokes out a heavenly lil' puddle of trans girl goo.

Update: Jul 04, 2018

Kacy TGirl

Hot trans MILF Kacy TGirl loves cooking, music, and a big strong man to wrap his arms around her. Why don't you start out by worshipping her feet? Then, let her slip out of her slutty schoolgirl outfit so you can admire her toned body. You're already rock hard yourself from all the dirty things she has been whispering in you ear. Now towering above you, she sensually teases her girl cock with her manicured fingers. Watch her spread her legs wide so you can tongue fuck her tight hole. Don't forget to lick under her balls too! Kacy caresses the sides of your head with her nails while you suck her. Then, get behind her and fuck her trans girl pussy with your huge cock. Finally, she lies back and strokes out a wet and messy orgasm for you to savor.

Update: Jul 02, 2018


Hi boys, this is Stephanie. I am a beautiful tan brunette goddess and I'm in New York City and feeling crazy horny. Want to come back to my place so that I can be bad for you? I have some sweet breasts for you to suck on while my Puerto Rican Pussy Stick gets nice and hard. It's going to feel so good to stroke it until I cum.

Update: Jun 29, 2018

Crystal M

Gorgeous Latina trans girl Crystal M is loving all the new sensations and excitement that have cum with her hormones for transitioning. Her long legs feel incredible in her nylons, and her girl dick is poking out the side of her mesh panties. She's been saving a load for you. She rubs on her all natural breasts, squeezing on her nipples, and her lady wood grows. Her bubble butt pokes out cutely behind her. Cum closer and kneel before your Goddess. Open up wide and take every inch she has to give you. Relax your throat. There's a good boy! Then, she turns over and feeds you her trans girl pussy too. You do such an amazing job she starts dripping precum. Now lie back and let your queen reward you with a sloppy blowjob. She gets so turned on from sucking you off that she shoots a huge, drippy load of girl juice all over herself.

Update: Jun 27, 2018

Victoria Carvalho

Brazilian knockout Victoria Carvalho is back to have a little fun with our members. She gets the party started quickly, flashing you her gorgeous titties and rubbing her nipples with saliva. Soon, she's on her back and playing with the huge love stick hiding beneath her black, sheer panties. She grows so big, so fast, and you imagine you were beneath her helicoptering girl cock. Her ass is incredible too, as she bends over and peaks back at you between her legs. She strokes her lady wood with manicured fingers, leaning back with pleasure. She smacks her shaft against her toned stomach with a satisfying thud. Then she pulls out an orange dildo to play with. She takes it in her trans girl pussy while stroking her long clit. She fucks herself while riding the toy cowgirl, and then shoots a huge splooge of cum out the tip of her raging, pink cock.

Update: Jun 25, 2018

Victoria Prada

Hi, I'm Victoria Prada. I am a stunning brunette. I am here to show off my model curves and my beautiful, juicy cock. My fans tell me all the time how much they love every inch of me, so you probably want to see what the big fuss is about. Let me play with you all afternoon. Watch me rub my body all over for you. You are making my cock get so hard, what's a girl to do but stroke it? Get up nice and close. When I cum, I know you will want you to taste it for yourself.

Update: Jun 22, 2018

Sarayah Sin

You've got your trans fantasy girl Sarayah Sin restrained by her wrists and ankles in a wooden stock. Now, you can do whatever you want to with her! She begs you to release her, but when you do, you just put her in another kinky contraption. Your BDSM babe is hanging inches above the floor, completely stretched out and helpless. Her girl cock hangs out, and you inspect them so closely that she can feel your hot, crazed breath. Her all natural titties are perking and her nipples hard, as she hangs out completely exposed and vulnerable. Her lady wood grows nice and thick as she imagines what you might do to her. Your collared cutie is now as hard as a rock, and her mushroom tip looks delicious. You can not longer resist your urge to shove it down the back of your throat. Then, you prop her legs and fuck her tight asshole. She rewards you with a big and juicy load of girl jizz all over her flat stomach.

Update: Jun 20, 2018

Chelsea Poe

Queer femme trans porn star Chelsea Poe is super horny and wants to masturbate for you. Get comfortable while this red headed free spirit jerks her cock and finger bangs her ass. Her trans girl pussy gets wet and messy as her long clit drips precum. Next, she spreads herself wide open for you and plays with her steel butt plug. She massages her pierced, all natural titties while sliding it in and out of her oiled up ass. Then, the tattooed hottie plugs her asshole and strokes herself. She keeps edging herself, while gently squeezing her girly balls. At last she gives in to her carnal desires and huge shots of creamy lady jizz all over her breasts and stomach.

Update: Jun 18, 2018

Vanity Buccii

Hi, it's Vanity Bucci. I am a beautiful blonde golden girl with a killer body and back again by popular demand. I know I've been gone for far too long, so let's not waste any time. Let me show you all what you've been missing. Watch me spread my ass and stroke my badd ass pussy stick. Want to worship my feet? Suck on my toes while I stroke myself. Then watch as I spray my thick, white girl-cum, making a big, sticky mess just for you to do whatever you want with. Maybe you want me to lick it up or rub it all over my soft natural trans girl tits or do you want to lick it up all yourself you naughty boy?

Update: Jun 15, 2018


Twenty-one year old Hermiah was born and reared in Los Angeles. She enjoys going out, getting drinks and eating pizza. She just started transitioning four months ago. She likes being touched, kissed and licked all over slowly. Having her nipples sucked really turns her on. She sits, legs spread on the bed, wearing strappy black lingerie. Her gorgeous, hairy balls poke out of the lace crotch. Your mouth starts to water. Her all natural breasts are nicely framed by her top, and her tiny nipples start to harden. Are you ready to lick every inch of your trans girl Goddess? She reaches around and teases her trans girl pussy lips with a tattooed hand. Her big, pink love stick starts to poke out too, so she strips completely. You get up close and inspect every part. You can see the chill bumps forming on her tight asshole as she anticipates your tongue. Her veiny balls hang low and her uncut cock must taste like heaven. You breathe her scent in deeply as she poses on all fours in front of you. You eat her trans girl pussy out so it's nice and wet. Then you dive, dick first, into her slippery hole. Her cute feet wiggle as she squirms with pleasure. You bust a nut in her from behind, and then watch her stroke herself to the edge. She jerks out 5 huge streams of gushing trans girl goo.

Update: Jun 13, 2018

Kauane Pinheiro

Tall and sexy Kauane Pinheiro looks stunning in her bikini, pantyhose and high heels. Watch her put on a sensual strip tease for you in the backyard surrounded by trees and bushes. Her last name literally means "tall pine," and you'd certainly love to climb this exotic beauty! She teases you by spanking her thick, healthy butt and shaking it for you. Then, she pumps her huge girl dick in her pretty, manicured hand. She runs the other one through her beautiful, curly locks. She smacks her gigantic love stick against her stomach while you lick your lips. You'd love to get her big, black cock in your mouth, wouldn't you? Next, she bends over and stretches her trans girl pussy out with her fingers so that she can take the monster orange dildo. She wraps her juicy lips around its incredible girth to get it nice and wet, and then stuffs her tight hole with the tip. At last, she squeezes her chocolate chip nipples as she strokes out a thick and creamy load of trans girl goo and rubs it into her mocha skin.

Update: Jun 11, 2018


Hi, my name is Kloe, and I am a sultry hot brunette from LA. I'm so happy to be here and looking forward to getting super naughty with you. First let me slip into something more comfortable. Get a closer look so you can watch my cock grow. It is going to get nice and hard as I stroke it just for you. Do you like my ass? You better lick it first and then fuck it hard, just like we like it. You feel so good deep inside my ass, just watch as you make me cum all over myself. Now lick it up! Every last yummy drop so we can do it all over again. Are you ready?

Update: Jun 08, 2018

Jessy Bells

Born and reared in California, cutie pie Jessy Bells is ready for her first Transational shoot! Watch as your brunette babe peels off her white tube socks and displays her gorgeous feet. Do you like feet? She sure hopes hers turn you on. It makes her feel so sexy! Her clit is growing so big inside her little pink panties as she pops the waistband against herself. Before you know it, you're on your knees crawling over to suck her incredible love stick. Then, the flexible honey puts her feet practically behind her head so you can eat her trans girl pussy. Her booty is so round and juicy that you can't get enough! Next, you get a chance to enjoy Jessy's amazing oral skills with a nice and sloppy blowjob. You can't believe how your huge cock can disappear in your little princess's sweet mouth, but it does as deepthroats your shaft. Now it is time to fuck your Goddess. You give her everything you have from behind, and she rewards you by swallowing all your cum down her pretty throat. Finally, with a glass dildo up her butt, Jessy squeezes out a wet and messy orgasm for you to lick up.