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Update: Jul 20, 2018

Kayleigh Coxx

If you're going to wake up theing Goddess Kayleigh Coxx from a nap, you better be ready to worship her sexy toes with your mouth. Next, slip her panties down and lick her trans girl pussy clean with your tongue. Once it's nice and wet, she rolls over so you can fuck her from behind. She begs you to cum inside her, and when you pull out, you leave behind a sticky, wet creampie. The jizz drips down her balls and she massages it into her lady cock. At the same time you spank her perfect ass with a leather paddle. After she sucks you off on her knees and lets you cum all over her freckled face, you return the favor until she squeezes out a drippy orgasm all over your lips.

Update: Jul 18, 2018

Bianca Hills

Brazilian starlet Bianca Hills is gushing with excitement to see you. She immediately strips out of a sexy, black lingerie and starts sensually rubbing her gorgeous body. She can't believe how horny she is! After teasing you by hiding her love stick between her legs, she lets her humongous girl dick spring forward. Its so big and hard she can practically smack her cock head against her pierced belly button. She's already dripping precum, and you haven't even gotten it wet with your mouth yet. But first, watch Bianca take a dip in a bubbly jacuzzi and bathes her soft, tan skin. Sit back and relax (or stroke!) while she edges her enormous cock and shoots out a nice glob of girl goo all over her bikini tan line. Expert.

Update: Jul 16, 2018

Morgan Bailey

Hi, I'm Morgan Bailey. I'm a Chicago girl, now living in Los Angeles and this is my first video for Strokers. I love being spanked, both on my tight and toned ass and on my hard, delicious pierced nipples. Want to see my Fun Fuck Stick? Watch me jerk off until I make a sexy mess across my stomach. Mmmm... that tastes good and I want you to know I love to share.

Update: Jul 13, 2018

Janelle Fennec

When you cum into your hotel room, you notice a tall, blonde beauty, Janelle Fennec, in the shower. Looks like you've been double booked! But you don't mind sharing a bed with this sex bunny. She rubs her gorgeous breasts and pinches her pierced nipples, which makes her get hard. She starts jerking her love stick and tasting her precum. She squeezes her balls, which hurts but turns her on even more. Moaning sweetly, she spreads her feet and wiggles her toes with pleasure. Next, she fucks her trans girl pussy deeply with a big, blue dildo, and then switches to a vibrator. She strokes herself with the toy still sending waves of ecstasy through her entire body until she pushes out a nice wet stream of lady juice.

Update: Jul 11, 2018

Skylar Adams

Alternative trans girl hottie Skylar Adams loves hanging out at the beach in a bikini when she's in her hometown of Seattle. She loves anything kinky, especially when she is being overpowered by a huge cock... or five! She often fantasizes about being gang banged, spit roasted, and double penetrated. You start out by sucking Skylar's delicious toes while she begins stroking. Work your way up her milky white thighs to her trans girl pussy and get to licking. Now that's she nice and wet, won't you get behind her and fuck her doggystyle? Or, would you prefer to drop to your knees and worship her delicious girl cock? She'll take really good care of your dick too. She gives you a nice messy blow job shoot your load into her hungry mouth, then she squeezes out a thick, creamy load of trans girl goo for you to eat.

Update: Jul 09, 2018

Veronica Venom

Hey there, I am Veronica Venom. I am an outrageous hot blond punk chic with a killer round butt and a huge she cock. My yummy cock has been waiting to do this again for you, so let me whip this sassy, thick snake out and start the show. Watch me pump it hard while I finger my ass. Get up nice and close so my balls are in your face. Then watch as my throbbing red snake spits hot white cum. You can even suck out the venom it if you dare!

Update: Jul 06, 2018

Scarlett Lee

You just had the best date ever with sweet and sexy Scarlett Lee, and you can't get her off your mind. Over the phone she invites you over to hang out again, but she's got something to tell you person. Well, even better, to show you. A cute, twitching girl dick for you to devour. She hikes up her dress so you can lick her trans girl pussy. Don't be shy. Crawl over to her. Stick your tongue out. Bury your nose deep in her ass crack. Deeper! Now, watch the goose bumps appear on her cheeks as she moans. Next, she invites you to worship her gorgeous feet. Suck on each of her toes while she wiggles them in your mouth. Then, get behind her and fuck that round booty doggystyle. You drive her absolutely wild. She rewards you with some sloppy head until you blow your load all over her pink lips and cheeks. Lastly, she lies back and strokes out a heavenly lil' puddle of trans girl goo.

Update: Jul 04, 2018

Kacy TGirl

Hot trans MILF Kacy TGirl loves cooking, music, and a big strong man to wrap his arms around her. Why don't you start out by worshipping her feet? Then, let her slip out of her slutty schoolgirl outfit so you can admire her toned body. You're already rock hard yourself from all the dirty things she has been whispering in you ear. Now towering above you, she sensually teases her girl cock with her manicured fingers. Watch her spread her legs wide so you can tongue fuck her tight hole. Don't forget to lick under her balls too! Kacy caresses the sides of your head with her nails while you suck her. Then, get behind her and fuck her trans girl pussy with your huge cock. Finally, she lies back and strokes out a wet and messy orgasm for you to savor.

Update: Jul 02, 2018


Hi boys, this is Stephanie. I am a beautiful tan brunette goddess and I'm in New York City and feeling crazy horny. Want to come back to my place so that I can be bad for you? I have some sweet breasts for you to suck on while my Puerto Rican Pussy Stick gets nice and hard. It's going to feel so good to stroke it until I cum.

Update: Jun 29, 2018

Crystal M

Gorgeous Latina trans girl Crystal M is loving all the new sensations and excitement that have cum with her hormones for transitioning. Her long legs feel incredible in her nylons, and her girl dick is poking out the side of her mesh panties. She's been saving a load for you. She rubs on her all natural breasts, squeezing on her nipples, and her lady wood grows. Her bubble butt pokes out cutely behind her. Cum closer and kneel before your Goddess. Open up wide and take every inch she has to give you. Relax your throat. There's a good boy! Then, she turns over and feeds you her trans girl pussy too. You do such an amazing job she starts dripping precum. Now lie back and let your queen reward you with a sloppy blowjob. She gets so turned on from sucking you off that she shoots a huge, drippy load of girl juice all over herself.

Update: Jun 27, 2018

Victoria Carvalho

Brazilian knockout Victoria Carvalho is back to have a little fun with our members. She gets the party started quickly, flashing you her gorgeous titties and rubbing her nipples with saliva. Soon, she's on her back and playing with the huge love stick hiding beneath her black, sheer panties. She grows so big, so fast, and you imagine you were beneath her helicoptering girl cock. Her ass is incredible too, as she bends over and peaks back at you between her legs. She strokes her lady wood with manicured fingers, leaning back with pleasure. She smacks her shaft against her toned stomach with a satisfying thud. Then she pulls out an orange dildo to play with. She takes it in her trans girl pussy while stroking her long clit. She fucks herself while riding the toy cowgirl, and then shoots a huge splooge of cum out the tip of her raging, pink cock.

Update: Jun 25, 2018

Victoria Prada

Hi, I'm Victoria Prada. I am a stunning brunette. I am here to show off my model curves and my beautiful, juicy cock. My fans tell me all the time how much they love every inch of me, so you probably want to see what the big fuss is about. Let me play with you all afternoon. Watch me rub my body all over for you. You are making my cock get so hard, what's a girl to do but stroke it? Get up nice and close. When I cum, I know you will want you to taste it for yourself.

Update: Jun 22, 2018

Sarayah Sin

You've got your trans fantasy girl Sarayah Sin restrained by her wrists and ankles in a wooden stock. Now, you can do whatever you want to with her! She begs you to release her, but when you do, you just put her in another kinky contraption. Your BDSM babe is hanging inches above the floor, completely stretched out and helpless. Her girl cock hangs out, and you inspect them so closely that she can feel your hot, crazed breath. Her all natural titties are perking and her nipples hard, as she hangs out completely exposed and vulnerable. Her lady wood grows nice and thick as she imagines what you might do to her. Your collared cutie is now as hard as a rock, and her mushroom tip looks delicious. You can not longer resist your urge to shove it down the back of your throat. Then, you prop her legs and fuck her tight asshole. She rewards you with a big and juicy load of girl jizz all over her flat stomach.

Update: Jun 20, 2018

Chelsea Poe

Queer femme trans porn star Chelsea Poe is super horny and wants to masturbate for you. Get comfortable while this red headed free spirit jerks her cock and finger bangs her ass. Her trans girl pussy gets wet and messy as her long clit drips precum. Next, she spreads herself wide open for you and plays with her steel butt plug. She massages her pierced, all natural titties while sliding it in and out of her oiled up ass. Then, the tattooed hottie plugs her asshole and strokes herself. She keeps edging herself, while gently squeezing her girly balls. At last she gives in to her carnal desires and huge shots of creamy lady jizz all over her breasts and stomach.

Update: Jun 18, 2018

Vanity Buccii

Hi, it's Vanity Bucci. I am a beautiful blonde golden girl with a killer body and back again by popular demand. I know I've been gone for far too long, so let's not waste any time. Let me show you all what you've been missing. Watch me spread my ass and stroke my badd ass pussy stick. Want to worship my feet? Suck on my toes while I stroke myself. Then watch as I spray my thick, white girl-cum, making a big, sticky mess just for you to do whatever you want with. Maybe you want me to lick it up or rub it all over my soft natural trans girl tits or do you want to lick it up all yourself you naughty boy?

Update: Jun 15, 2018


Twenty-one year old Hermiah was born and reared in Los Angeles. She enjoys going out, getting drinks and eating pizza. She just started transitioning four months ago. She likes being touched, kissed and licked all over slowly. Having her nipples sucked really turns her on. She sits, legs spread on the bed, wearing strappy black lingerie. Her gorgeous, hairy balls poke out of the lace crotch. Your mouth starts to water. Her all natural breasts are nicely framed by her top, and her tiny nipples start to harden. Are you ready to lick every inch of your trans girl Goddess? She reaches around and teases her trans girl pussy lips with a tattooed hand. Her big, pink love stick starts to poke out too, so she strips completely. You get up close and inspect every part. You can see the chill bumps forming on her tight asshole as she anticipates your tongue. Her veiny balls hang low and her uncut cock must taste like heaven. You breathe her scent in deeply as she poses on all fours in front of you. You eat her trans girl pussy out so it's nice and wet. Then you dive, dick first, into her slippery hole. Her cute feet wiggle as she squirms with pleasure. You bust a nut in her from behind, and then watch her stroke herself to the edge. She jerks out 5 huge streams of gushing trans girl goo.

Update: Jun 13, 2018

Kauane Pinheiro

Tall and sexy Kauane Pinheiro looks stunning in her bikini, pantyhose and high heels. Watch her put on a sensual strip tease for you in the backyard surrounded by trees and bushes. Her last name literally means "tall pine," and you'd certainly love to climb this exotic beauty! She teases you by spanking her thick, healthy butt and shaking it for you. Then, she pumps her huge girl dick in her pretty, manicured hand. She runs the other one through her beautiful, curly locks. She smacks her gigantic love stick against her stomach while you lick your lips. You'd love to get her big, black cock in your mouth, wouldn't you? Next, she bends over and stretches her trans girl pussy out with her fingers so that she can take the monster orange dildo. She wraps her juicy lips around its incredible girth to get it nice and wet, and then stuffs her tight hole with the tip. At last, she squeezes her chocolate chip nipples as she strokes out a thick and creamy load of trans girl goo and rubs it into her mocha skin.

Update: Jun 11, 2018


Hi, my name is Kloe, and I am a sultry hot brunette from LA. I'm so happy to be here and looking forward to getting super naughty with you. First let me slip into something more comfortable. Get a closer look so you can watch my cock grow. It is going to get nice and hard as I stroke it just for you. Do you like my ass? You better lick it first and then fuck it hard, just like we like it. You feel so good deep inside my ass, just watch as you make me cum all over myself. Now lick it up! Every last yummy drop so we can do it all over again. Are you ready?

Update: Jun 08, 2018

Jessy Bells

Born and reared in California, cutie pie Jessy Bells is ready for her first Transational shoot! Watch as your brunette babe peels off her white tube socks and displays her gorgeous feet. Do you like feet? She sure hopes hers turn you on. It makes her feel so sexy! Her clit is growing so big inside her little pink panties as she pops the waistband against herself. Before you know it, you're on your knees crawling over to suck her incredible love stick. Then, the flexible honey puts her feet practically behind her head so you can eat her trans girl pussy. Her booty is so round and juicy that you can't get enough! Next, you get a chance to enjoy Jessy's amazing oral skills with a nice and sloppy blowjob. You can't believe how your huge cock can disappear in your little princess's sweet mouth, but it does as deepthroats your shaft. Now it is time to fuck your Goddess. You give her everything you have from behind, and she rewards you by swallowing all your cum down her pretty throat. Finally, with a glass dildo up her butt, Jessy squeezes out a wet and messy orgasm for you to lick up.