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Update: Mar 16, 2018

Tatiana Summer

Latina sensation Tatiana Summer is cumming home from a long day at the office, and it looks like work has followed her home. On the phone with her colleague, she scolds him for losing a sale. "No excuses," she tells him sternly. You startle her in the corner. "Oh, I didn't know you were in the room. I'm sorry you had to overhear that." Surprised, but aroused, she changes into something more comfortable so the two of you can have some fun together. She cums back in wearing a black bra and panties, stockings, and a garter belt. "Why are you feeling shy?" she wonders. Relax. She wants you to give in and do all the dirty things you want to with her. Like suck on her big titties. You can already see the goose bumps on her nipples. "No excuses," she teases you. Next, she reaches down to remove her red bottom stilettos. She rubs her feet through her stockings, and you can see her red painted toenails through the sheer fabric. She unrolls them down her long, creamy legs and plays with her feet. With her legs spread and toes spread, she stokes her cinnamon love stick. She jerks her uncut girl dick, then gets on her knees and spreads her ass for you. Eat her out from behind, like a good boy. Then watch Tatiana fuck her hand until she shoots out a frothy, milky mess.

Update: Mar 15, 2018

Cassie Woods

Cassie Woods pees!

Update: Mar 14, 2018

Jhoany Wilker

Brazilian Goddess Jhoany Wilker smacks and shakes her super thick ass, instantly turning you on. She peels off her fishnet top and squeezes her humongous breasts. Her jeweled thong hugs her ass crack tightly as she twerks. She strips down to nothing but a pair of thigh high boots and dances on the bed. She spanks herself with her belt, and then pulls her huge cock out of her tiny panties. Her cock is so big that she can tap it against her butt cheeks. She fingers her tight asshole, before towering above you and making her cock dance. She smacks her swollen shaft against her stomach. After sucking on her fingers, she rubs her spit against her hard nipples. As she jerks herself, she rubs her hands through her hair and all over her body. She pulls out a black dildo and starts sucking on it. She rubs it against her own love stick, and drool gets everywhere. She rubs it between her breasts, then straddles it on the bed. Bouncing up and down and grinding, she fucks herself while jerking her engorged lady dick. She squirts out a mess for you to clean up with your tongue.

Update: Mar 12, 2018

Rabeche Rayala & Ed Junior

Rabeche is an exotic trans girl who loves some hot cock in her mouth almost as much as one in her ass. Her fuck buddy for today is Ed who is going to feed her his huge dick. Rabeche sucks it down like there's no tomorrow, getting it hard and wet and ready for her tight trans ass. Then Ed is going to bang her trans ass the way she needs it... hard and fast! She cums all over herself while Ed is fucking her. That's not enough cum for Rabeche, she wants Ed to unload his hot goo all over her as well. Which he gladly obliges the pretty and sexy Rabeche!

Update: Mar 09, 2018

Candy Marie

Blonde bombshell Candy Marie is wearing a red bra and panties. She likes BDSM, including choking, spanking, and flogging. She has a fantasy about a woman wearing a strap on dildo and fucking her from behind. "Have you ever been with a girl like her before?" she asks. She spreads her legs wide. "Do you like seeing my whole package?" she teases. She wants you to worship her feet, all the way up to her trans girl pussy. Imagine your tongue cumming in and out of her asshole. Then lick her from her toes to her ankles. She smacks her butt cheeks and bends over the couch. Her pretty pink penis hangs own between her legs. You love her perfect asshole and want to taste all of her. She rewards you with a messy blowjob, and you cum all over her face. Then she squeezes out sticky girl goo all over her stomach.

Update: Mar 07, 2018

Xandrea Dawn

As soon as you arrive, trans goddess Xandrea Dawn demands that you bow and worship her feet. If you do a good job, maybe she will let you pay tribute the rest of her beautiful body too. But first, rub her toes... massage them, lick them, suck them. Get your tongue in each and every nook and cranny. After you bathe her tootsies clean, she lets you eat her gorgeous ass. She pulls up her dress, and you pull her thong to the side. She bends over and starts fingering her heavenly cavern. Your mouth follows. Her girl balls hand down, and she smacks her ass. Then, she rolls on her back and jerks her lady cock. She pulls out a black butt plug, stuffs it in her trans girl pussy, and keeps stroking. You wrap your mouth around her long clit, sucking until your cheeks fill with piping hot lady liquid. She cums all over your face, and it drips down her stomach.

Update: Mar 05, 2018

Brittany St. Jordan & Wolf Hudson

Brittany's bad boyfriend Wolf is doing prison time and it's visitation day. Since he only gets one visitation day every six months, Brittany wants to do everything she can to make it special. She wears a slinky, black leather dress and her best heels to go see him. They waste no time together and start sucking each other off right away. Wolf is anxious to bang Brittany's hot trans ass, so he bends her over and starts pounding away. He bangs her so good she spews a fountain of cum all over herself. Then Wolf leaves his girl with a mouthful of his own tasty cream.

Update: Mar 02, 2018

River Enza

You've just stayed at home masturbating all day, when your Mistress River Enza cums home from the beach. Her feet are dirty, and you're going to lick all the sand off each and every toe. Get deep in those cracks and crevices! Can you fit both her feet in your mouth at the same time? She's got sand on her breasts too, so you better slobber it up as well, slave boyfriend. Do you love her little natural tits? If she took you to the beach today, she would have made you suck them in public in front of everyone. And her girl dick too. She pulls down her panties and shows you her favorite spot to be licked, on the underside of her shaft, right below the head. You start there, and you work your way down to her ball sack... to her taint... to her asshole. She stretches her trans girl pussy open for you and begs you to cum inside. Bent over on the couch, with her lady cock poking back between her legs, she challenges you to eat her out and suck her off at the same time. Then, on her back in Goddess position, she shows off her tits, ass, feet, and girl cock at the same time. Next, she towers above you, and your mouth hangs open in anticipation of her love stick. She softly rests the tip on your tongue, and you get to work worshiping your divine lover. You watch her pleasure herself with a glass dildo before she rewards you with a super messy blowjob. She sucks out every last drop, then drools it back down over her titties. Finally, she fucks herself with the toy and jerks herself to the point of no return and squeezes out and intense and sticky treat for you to lick up.

Update: Mar 01, 2018

Xandrea Dawn

Xandrea Dawn pees!

Update: Feb 28, 2018

Rayca Lima

Brazilian bad girl Rayca Lima looks very dominant in her latex outfit and thigh high stockings, but she's ready to submit to your cock. You melt your ice queen immediately, and she starts teasing you with her voluptuous body. She rubs saliva into her pouty nipples and unties her top. Your eyes wander down her hourglass body to the love stick hiding in her tiny panties. She bends over and pokes her big booty out, and her girl cock tumbles out of the crotch of her lingerie. She slides the bottoms to the side and inserts a bright, red finger. Her black high heels poke backwards at you as you approach her from behind. You can't believe how huge her gorgeous cock looks, swinging back and forth between her legs. She takes a moment to tower above you, and you get an eyeful of the goods. Worship her girl cock, and don't forget to kiss her balls. You choke on her huge shaft, and you swear you can feel her delicious precum dripping down the back of your throat. Now, watch her suck on a big dildo and imagine it's your rod. She penetrates herself with the toy cock and strokes herself to a big, creamy load of girl jizz.