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Update: Mar 20, 2019

Sofia Lombardo

Sexy Brazilian trans girl Sofia Lombardo is so beautiful... and she's waiting for you in bed. Her pretty face features dark eyes and pink, puffy lips... two places you'd love to get lost in! Her booty is enormous, as she bounces it up and down against her soft pink heels. Her pale skin grows rosy as she spanks her ass and massages her perfect tits. She spreads her rounded butt wide open and her girl cock and balls hang down in between. But before you get to play with that, she's got a toy to enjoy. She sucks off a clear dildo to get it wet then uses it to pound her tight trans girl pussy. All that getting fucked gets her huge dick nice and hard for her to stroke, and for you to suck. Gag on her balls deep and then let her squeeze out a wet and sticky load for you to swallow.

Update: Mar 18, 2019


Hey baby, this is Pamela, back again. Today I'm going to show you how to really enjoy a specialty trans meaty lollipop. They are wonderful to suck on when you have those insatiable cock cravings. They're also good for adding a creamy sweet thick flavor to everything. Where would you like me to add a sweet taste? Perhaps my nipples? How about my balls? I'm sure you're going to want to taste my hard cock and my tight asshole. If you are still hungry after snacking on them, I have a dessert planned. Watch me cum into this glass, then use the my hot lolli stick to scoop it out into my mouth.

Update: Mar 15, 2019

Shiri Allwood

Sexy redhead with braces Shiri Allwood looks stunning in her tiny bikini, but you notice something extra inside her thong bottoms. You've known since your first date, but tonight you're finally going to take the plunge with your cutie pie ginger. She's definitely up for some fun. She starts rubbing on her pink girl cock and teasing you with her puffy, all natural titties. She strips completely naked, bends over, and shows you her trans girl pussy too. She spreads her pale butt cheeks apart so you can lick her all the way from her tight hole up to the tip of her princess wand. She wouldn't mind if you wrapped your lips around a toe or two either! She's brought along a toy to play with-a butt plug that is attached to a cock ring. She constricts her girly balls and dick and spanks her stuffed asshole. She edges her glistening love stick, until her eyes roll back in her head and she squeezes out a drippy orgasm for you to lick up.

Update: Mar 13, 2019

Alisia Rae

Sexy Texan trans girl Alisia Rae looks stunning in her hot red lingerie. Her perky little titties look good enough to eat as she teases them with her manicured fingers. Watch her strip and spank her cute butt, spreading her cheeks and showing off her trans girl pussy. Next, she plays with her sexy girl dick, making it the perfect size to stuff your mouth. Gag on her love stick as she wraps her hands around the back of her head. Finally, she strokes her lovely lady wood until she shoots out multiple yummy streams of creamy goo!

Update: Mar 11, 2019

Carmen Moore

Hi, it's Carmen Moore. I am back again. I can't believe how long its been since my last visit. I'm ready to have a good time, I hope you are too because I want you all over me and so very deep inside me. Whip out your dick, so we can play together. Do you like these pretty tits of mine? How about what's under these cute red panties? Look at my hot she nuts, filled with hot sticky cream. And now it's time for my fuck stick. Let's get hard together, stroking ourselves till we cum. I hope you like facials because I'm going to cum all over your face and then you can cum all over mine wile I smile.

Update: Mar 08, 2019

Patrice Hepburn

Sexy and brunette Patrice Hepburn is excited for her first Transational Fantasies shoot! This kinky girl shares all her fantasies with you as she relaxes in a sexy negligee. Are you ready to experiment with her? Her soft, pink balls poke out the side of her lacy panties as she tells you about a sexy encounter she had in public. Now, her girl cock is nice and hard, and she's ready to play with you! Watch her stroke her shaft and tickle her balls, causing her girl dick to throb. Her asshole also wants to be fucked. You can tell because she keeps flexing it, inches away from your nose. Lick her trans girl pussy and work your way down to her balls and love stick. You do such a good job that she rewards you by stroking out a big cumshot that you get to lick up!

Update: Mar 06, 2019

April Gillespie

Have you ever been with a female dominatrix before? Well, leggy hottie April Gillespie has something extra unique about herself. You can start out by worshipping her shoes and licking her fishnet stocking clad footsies! The sound of her unzipping her boots gets you instantly hard. Next, she bends over and pulls down her plaid panties so you can give her asshole a kiss. And when she turns around, you almost get smacked in the face with her enormous trans girl cock! Her lady wood springs forth through her torn pantyhose, and you can't wait to dive deep into her ass pussy and swallow her huge cock and balls. Lick her from the very tip all the way down to her perineum. Then, fuck her butthole with your pointed tongue. Now it's nice and lubed up for her to stuff herself with a big, purple dildo. She pounds herself while stroking her massive and leaky girl boner until she squeezes out a wet and sticky orgasm for you to lick up. It tastes extra sweet!

Update: Mar 04, 2019


Hi, my name is Cara from San Francisco. I am a beautiful natural girl and I am ready to explore my sexuality. I am technically a sexual novice, but I have lots of fantasies that I'd love for you to help me fulfill. Maybe you can start by taking off my top and sucking on my tits. Start slow and sexy with lots of foreplay please. I love my entire body to be touched. I love to suck cock, shall I start sucking on yours? I'm so turned on, I want you to pull down my panties and fuck me. My cock is so hard now, I can't wait to cum. Where are you going to cum?

Update: Mar 01, 2019

Wendy Su

Trans cutie pie Wendy Su deserves to be punished! Don't let her girlish smile deceive you-she's been up to no good and needs a spanking! First, you stand her against the wall and pull her sexy panties down. You spank her with a paddle-then, a flogger-until she's learned her lesson. Then, with her wrists bound together in leather cuffs she kneels before you to worship your huge dick. You tease her at first, and when you finally let the little sex kitten pounce, she swallows you balls deep. Her red lips wrap tightly around your member as her gorgeous eyes look up at you. Next, you make her jerk off her sexy girl dick for you while you admire every inch of her gorgeous body. At last, you straddle her tiny frame as she jerks you into a huge puddle of man goo all over her pretty face.

Update: Feb 27, 2019

Vitoria Neves

Brand new Brazilian bombshell Vitoria Neves has plenty to show off in the bedroom. Her luscious tits are big and round, and she rubs saliva into them to get herself turned on. She licks and kisses her hard nipples, and then instructs you to do the same. Delicious! Next, she pulls out a big, black dildo to fuck herself with. She rubs it on her rounded booty before lubing it up and sliding it inside. Then, with her legs wide open and on her back, she pounds her trans girl pussy with the toy while rubbing on her long clit. After you suck her gorgeous love stick, she lies back and shoots out a big load of gooey white cum for you to lick up.

Update: Feb 25, 2019

Hera C

Gorgeous redhead Hera C misses her man, who's out on the road, and since her Web Cam is broken, she's decided to shoot this video for him. It's been too long since she's felt his touch on her stunning all natural body, and she's crazy horny. Watch her strip down to nothing exposing her beautiful soft breasts and her hard pussy stick, which she shoves right up to the camera so you can pretend to suck her off. Then she offers up her asshole for you to lick before you fuck it. When you're through, watch her pump her sweet hard cock until she spurts hot cum all over amazing body.

Update: Feb 22, 2019

Scarlett Lee

Who is making all that noise moaning and groaning down the hall? You stumble upon sexy brunette Scarlett Lee pleasuring herself on the couch. She's not supposed to masturbate without your permission, so it's up to you to punish her! She stands in the corner--with her growing hormone titties and girl dick hanging out--until you tell her to stop. Then, with her arms and legs locked up in a stock, you make her wait some more. Next, you suspend your trans girl play thing upside down and fuck her juicy asshole from behind. You cream pie her ass pussy, then instruct her to stroke herself to orgasm. She screams and erupts with a mess of girl goo, and then begs you to clean your jizz out of her tight, wet trans girl pussy with your tongue.

Update: Feb 20, 2019

Eva Joi

Curly haired Eva Joi has sexy long legs and a cute girl dick. Her all natural breasts have perfectly round nipples to suck on, and her love stick could fit just perfectly in your mouth. She loves sucking dick too... so much she often gets lost for hours going down on a partner! She's definitely into serving and submitting in the bedroom. And today, she's brought some toys to play with, like her vibrating rabbit dildo. After warming up her tight trans girl pussy with the vibrator's pulsating sensations, she straddles a larger cock to ride. She bounces up and down on the thick toy while flicking her long clit. Finally, she strokes her uncut girl cock until she squeezes out a sticky mess for you to lick up.

Update: Feb 18, 2019

Britney Markham

Hi, I'm Britney and I'm here to deal with Bad Boys like you. Guess what's going to happen to you? After you suck my titties dry, you're going to take my hard cock up your ass. Just thinking about what I'm going to do to you is making me hard. Watch me smack my big cock around, finger my ass and stroke myself until I shoot my big wad. Can you handle this load? You're going to have to. If you want to be bad you have to pay the price! The price is you gotta take every inch of me inside you and blow your load all over me. Am I clear?

Update: Feb 15, 2019

Lily Star

Leggy beauty Lily Star is self-proclaimed "well-rounded kinkster and pervert." Would you like to hear about all the nasty things she's done, and wants to do? Maybe there's a fantasy or two in there you can help fulfill! She's always enjoyed dressing up like a French maid to service her partner, especially a good rimming. Are you ready to try her out as your very own pleasure giver? She strips and shows off her gorgeous body. It's all for you! She starts rubbing her cute girl dick, but then she lies back and gobbles on yours at the same time! After she polishes your cock and balls with her tongue, you spank her with a flogger. Then, you gag her on your huge schlong while continuing to delve out lashes. Her pale ass turns red before you straddle her chest and shoot a monster load of cum into her open mouth.

Update: Feb 13, 2019

Rayca Spanick

Banged Brazilian beauty with a banging body Rayca Spanick is stunning from head to toe. Watch her caress her gorgeous boobs while she removes her sexy blue bra and panties. Her manicured fingers explore her cocoa skin, and you'd like to get into her panties. But first, watch her play with an enormous dildo. She sucks it hard before she lubes it up and slides it deeply into her tight girl pussy. She fucks herself until she's about to burst, and then flips on her back to show off her huge love stick. She strokes her big girl dick until she can no longer stand it, and she shoots a humongous load of jizz all over her shaft and balls.

Update: Feb 11, 2019

Amy Daly

It looks like the cute and nerdy girl next door has a Dungeon! Welcome to Miss Amy Daly's world. That's right, bitches, she wants you down on your knees. And your mistress wants more than just a foot massage. She wants you to worship her ass, and that means cleaning out her asshole with your tongue. If you think you're through, you've got another thing coming. In fact, Amy is going to be cumming after she's done stroking that hot pussy stick of hers. Are you ready for this?

Update: Feb 08, 2019

Janelle Fennec

Blonde bombshell Janelle Fennec's boyfriend is out of town, but he has sent a big present for her to play with while he is gone. She's already wearing the jeweled butt plug he gave her, but it's just a warm up for what's next. She opens up the box to find a Monkey Rider--a sliding sex machine! She lubes up the purple dildo and rides back and forth as the toy cock penetrates her blossoming butthole. Next, she takes the dildo of the chair and fucks herself doggystyle with it, all the while jerking her pretty pink love stick. Finally, she jumps back on the rocking sex chair, and squeezes out a wet and drippy orgasm while machine fucks her trans girl pussy.

Update: Feb 06, 2019

Stefani Special

BDSM and fetish performer Stefani Special is excited to cum back to Transational Fantasies! The kinky brunette puts suction cups on her all natural nipples to get things to heat up. Then, she edges her huge girl dick, getting so close to orgasm she almost loses it! She slaps her girl cock to keep from cumming and tickles her soft balls. She loves the head rush of edging, and you're right on the edge of your seat as well. Don't you want to play along? See how long you can last while stroking with this gorgeous beauty. You're collared kitten wants you to cum! After more rounds than you can count, you finally shoot your jizz out at the same time she unleashes a thick and messy load of girl juice!

Update: Feb 04, 2019

Bee Armitage

Hello, I am leggy and cutsie but ultra sexy blond Bee Armitage. I am a southern gal, now living in Hollywood and this was my very first video for Transational Fantasies. I hope you love watching me pleasure myself for you. I'm pretty new to showing off every inch of my body but I get very excited when I try new things. Tell me everything you want to do to me. It makes me even more hot. See how hard my cock is getting already? Watch me play with myself until I unload my hot goo.

Update: Feb 01, 2019

Anri Singer

Cute alternative chick Anri Singer knows exactly why she's here today. To get spanked and spunked! She wants to suck your cock immediately, but you make her wait. Because you've got to punish her first! She bends over the bed, and you smack her pale butt cheeks with a flogger until they are rosy red. At last, you feed your eager submissive your huge dick. Her beautiful face and intense eye contact drive you wild. Not to mentions her soft tongues all over your tip and balls. When you can no longer resist, you bust your huge nut all over her beautiful mouth. She blows bubbles with your jizz before swallowing it all down.

Update: Jan 30, 2019

Valerie Paige

Gorgeous goth girl Valerie Paige is a pro dominatrix who loves to role play. She's brought some toys along to play with, and she starts out by penetrating herself with a sexy and smooth glass dildo. She spreads her legs, and you admire her thick ass cheeks, as well as the lovely girl dick growing hard with each movement. Her cock and balls look like a tasty treat as well, and you can't wait to get on your knees and serve your "Dom Mom." She's in charge and will teach you exactly what to do. Next, she pulls out her Hitachi wand massager and puts it right on the underside of her girl cock. She squeezes her large breasts and brings herself very close to orgasm. At last, she erupts with a wet and sticky mouthful of trans girl goodness for you eat!

Update: Jan 28, 2019

Tara Emory

Hello all you guys and gals. It's beautiful legend Tara Emory back again. It's Friday night and I'm getting hornier by the second. I could go out on the town, but I think tonight should be just you and me. I've got 8 lovely inches of hard girly stick to stroke for you. Don't you just want to tongue my ass and then fill your mouth with my balls? I know that you do. I can see it in your eyes. Don't be shy, get on your knees and fulfill your your dirty desires and wild fantasies. Then watch me moan as I'm about to cum. Where do you want it? In your mouth so you can swallow it hot? On my shoe, so you can polish it as you lap it all up? On my beautiful big tits so you can suck on my yummy nipples at the same time? Your wish is my command!

Update: Jan 25, 2019

Wendy Su

Seattle trans girl Wendy Su is super cute with her ringlets and red lipstick. Watch her pull up her plaid school girl's skirt and play with her white panties. Would you like see what's beneath them? It's a cute little girl dick... and it grows when you start playing with it. Her all natural breasts are sweet enough to eat. Why don't you suck on them while you caress her smooth body? Then, work your way down to her tight trans girl pussy and lick it. You do such a good job that she rewards you. Watch her stroke her pretty pole until she shoots a big load of jizz onto her stomach and into her belly button.

Update: Jan 23, 2019

Rayca Lima

Amazonian angel Rayca Lima has been waiting for you to cum home all day! Jump in bed and watch her pull her panties to the side. She fingers her tight ass pussy while her big cock and balls hang down between her legs. She strokes herself in doggy position and removes her bra. Admire her luscious tits, then dive nose deep into her delicious trans girl pussy. You can't believe how hard she gets, and you can't wait to feel her precum drip down the back of your throat. But first, let her fuck herself with her big, purple dildo. She jerks her love stick at the same time, riding and pumping her way to a big and messy load of girl spunk all over her thigh high pantyhose.

Update: Jan 21, 2019

Tiffany Taylor

Hi there, I am Tiffany Taylor. I am glamorous and shapely brunette. I am one beautiful but very strict dom! It's been way too long since my last video, but if you're ready to be my dirty little submissive slut, then I'm ready to punish you with my huge rock hard cock. Watch me stroke my hot pussy stick until I make a gooey mess all over my hot dominatrix boots. Guess what happens next? You have to lick my boots clean. I can see you are drooling already. Get on your knees and get ready for a wild time.

Update: Jan 18, 2019

Lily Demure

If curly haired cutie Lily Demure is going to cum to work dressed like a slut, you're just going to have to treat her like one. You make her stand against the wall and pull down her school girl skirt so you can punish her with a spanking. She moans and gets hard from being disciplined with your flogger, so you move onto teaching her a lesson with your big dick. She chokes and tears up on your enormous shaft, but she likes it so much she starts dripping precum. You keep fucking her pretty face while she plays with her own love stick and all natural tits. Finally, you straddle her chest and paint her eyes, nose and mouth with creamy, sticky jizz.

Update: Jan 16, 2019

Drika Lima

Brazilian beauty Drika Lima has long, silky hair and incredible curves. Cum get to know her a little better in bed. Can you believe how big and bouncy her juicy ass is? Let her jiggle it up and down, just inches away from your stiffening crotch. She teases you with her lacy panties, but won't let you see her big surprise yet! First, worship her beautiful face, luscious lips, and tantalizing tan lines. She squeezes her perfectly round jugs, and then makes her way down to the main event. You'd love to lick her soft balls, which are just hanging out the side of her thong. Finally, completely naked before you, Drika fucks herself with a humongous pink dildo. Then, watch her stroke her huge girl dick and shoot a puddle of jizz all over her stomach.

Update: Jan 14, 2019

Isabelle Foxglove

Isabelle Foxglove back again for you to worship. I know you like to watch, but I need you to do more than just sit there. I demand pleasure. Touch me, lick me, taste me. Kiss my boots, then suck my cock. Once you've earned the right, you can sit back and watch as I fuck my ass with a dildo, then stroke my hard she cock until I spray myself with my own hot cum.

Update: Jan 11, 2019

Jayda Love

Curvy beauty Jayda Love tells you about a hot hookup while she begins playing with her impressive love stick. She tells you how much she loves having her all natural titties sucked on, as well as giving head and receiving facials. Watch her tease her thick girl cock with her manicured fingers before you start to eat her tight ass. Let her get doggystyle for you so you can watch her stroke at the same time. Your gentle licks give her butt cheeks goosebumps, and she can't wait to grind back into your hard cock. Her juicy bottom shakes while you pound her from behind. You finish in her trans girl pussy, and then she covers your face with a hot and milky load of girl jizz.

Update: Jan 09, 2019

Yasmin Dornelles

Brazilian Yasmin Dornelles might be petite, but she's rocking wide hips and a big, juicy butt. Her angelic face makes what she's doing all the naughtier. She massages her humongous girl dick hiding beneath her black, lacy panties. Her soft, pink balls poke out of the side, and you get instantly hard. Her manicured fingers tease and fondle her big breasts and tight trans girl pussy. She fingers her hole, wet with her saliva, but she needs something thicker. So, she pulls out a large, black dildo to fuck herself with. She slides her thong to the side and spanks her hungry asshole before pounding her insides with the veiny toy. Finally, she strokes her enormous, uncut girl cock-large enough to reach her hard nipples-and spews out a thick and frothy mess of trans girl spunk all over her panties.

Update: Jan 07, 2019

Juliette Stray

Hi, I'm Juliette Stray, I keep getting invited back because you all love to see my beautiful body and pretty face. I want to smell really nice for you, so I'm going to take a jacuzzi bubble bath. My luscious breasts look so sensual and sexy when they are wet with water and bubbles. Are you going to play with me? I love to play in the water, but those jets shooting hot water up my tight asshole is really making me want to have the real thing overloading my butthole. My girly cock is rock hard just thinking about it, so I'm going to have to take care of that immediately. My cum sure tastes good and I am in the mood for a taste. How about you? Ready for cock and cum from a beautiful girl?

Update: Jan 04, 2019

Shiri Allwood

Stunning redhead with braces Shiri Allwood is all locked up with no where to go. While her hands and feet are restrained, you stuff her sweet mouth with your huge cock. The hungry girl begs for more, but she's in for a spanking. She bites her lip and moans with each slap. Her cute girl cock twitches as you scratch and spank her pale butt cheeks. You tease her more with the tip of your cock before slamming it down the back of her throat. Then, you sit her down on the monkey rider, a rocking sex chair with a dildo attached. It pummels her tight trans girl pussy while she swallows your dong. At last, you straddle her natural tits and shoot a monster load of jizz down the back of her throat.

Update: Jan 02, 2019

Kalliny Nomura

Cum join sexy Brazilian trans girl Kalinny Nomura in bed for a special show. She rubs her rounded bum-bum for you, but you want to see what else is hiding under her tiny black thong. She starts teasing her love stick, and you're already salivating. Don't you want to suck on her big girl dick? Well, first you've got to lick her perfect nipples as she massages her juicy breasts. Her tan lines just drive you wild! Now, watch her strip for you and stroke her long lady cock before she lubes up that tight trans girl pussy. She's got a glass dildo to play with, but you wish it was you penetrating her wet hole. She fucks herself to the point of no return and rewards you by squeezing out a messy load of girl jizz all over her stomach. Lick it up!

Update: Dec 31, 2018

Hazel Tucker

HOT HOT Hazel Tucker wants you to think of her as someone more than just your boss. She works hard and has needs. What she needs is someone to give her what she can't get because she works late hours. Did you want to be her sexy assitant? Hazel's assistants are the luckiest on earth. You get to feast your eyes on her beautiful body on the very desk she runs her powerful corporation. If you are that lucky guy or gal you get to watch her let loose and play with her beautiful breasts and her amazing girl boss pussy stick. She will take the time to stroke it for you till it gets hard and blows. She's hard, horny and looking to cum all over the place!

Update: Dec 28, 2018

Stacy Sadistic

Blonde bombshell Stacy Sadistic is a professional dominatrix, so she's sure to know how to handle a bad boy like you. Why don't you get down where you belong? Bow down and worship her sexy ass and girl dick. Start out by tonguing her tight trans girl pussy while she strokes her love stick. Feel the warmness of her soft balls hitting your face with each pump. Now, that she's nice and wet down there, wouldn't you love to slide your hard cock in? But, no, you've got more work to do. Suck and swallow her hard lady wood until she's so big she could burst. Then, watch her squeeze out multiple streams of thick trans girl goo all over her stomach. Lick it up, slave!

Update: Dec 26, 2018

Bianca Reis

Brazilian bombshell Bianca Reis has gorgeous, long locks and sexy tattoos. She pushes her lacy panties to the side and pulls out her big girl cock. Then she rubs her bikini thong along her juicy asshole and spanks herself. Her tan lines outline her perfect set of tits and her humongous booty. She needs her holes to be satisfied, so she fingers her trans girl pussy before bringing out a big toy to play with. She gags herself on the huge dildo as she shoves it down her throat. Next, she pounds herself while stroking fast and hard. Finally, she squeezes out a milky load of girl jizz.